Sometimes, we do stuff that isn't a strip. This is mostly wallpapers (Matt's fault), but there might be other stuff lying around as well - for example, shit flash animations and things that are just lying around. So they all get put here, for your delight and enjoyment.


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This Is EggEgg
The first ever flash ever done by me (Matt). The biscuits one was the second. I think you'll agree, it's shit.

Advert type things

For some reason, we went through a brief period of doing advert type things, despite the fact we're blatantly never going to advertise anywhere. Still, if you want to use them to link to us, feel free.
a thing a thing a thing a thing a thing a thing a thing
shite adverts shite adverts shite adverts shite adverts shite adverts
Not forgetting, of course, the old fake ads.
fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad fake ad

...and other stuff

Some things are just random. Those things are here.
shite comic strip shite comic strip
Clin's ex-bint Osama Ben Kenobi laughs at you all!
And as a special treat to those of you who've bothered to look all the way down here, you can look at the original plot we first made when we started eggegg, and laugh at how little of it got done in the end.

All this stuff is, naturally, ours, hence © triple padlock no return. However, if you ask us we'll probably let you steal it all anyway, so just ask. If you want to link to us, let us know and we'll give you buttons and adverts and stuff.
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