The why, the how, the apologies.

Matt in South Park form
Ben in South Park form
You might just be wondering exactly what kind of genius creates something this shite. Well, the answer is us. It's all our fault, and we're very sorry. We know why we did it - we wanted to be more like our hero, Dave Kelly, and waste our lives away on nonsensical internet graphical design, so blame him, after reading his comics. It took around about 6 months after we'd decided to do it to actually do it, and it's called EggEgg because it was the first username we tried on Brinkster (where we used to live) that hadn't been taken. However, it turns out EggEgg is also the name of a confused Chinese man, which is nice.
If you want to know about us, as in Matt and Ben, then look at our sites - Matt's here and Ben's here. Also, see if you can spot our ugly mugs hidden away somewhere in a strip. It's not hard, we promise. Bye bye.

All this stuff is, naturally, ours, hence © triple padlock no return. However, if you ask us we'll probably let you steal it all anyway, so just ask. If you want to link to us, let us know and we'll give you buttons and adverts and stuff.
EggEgg!! loves Keenspace - "a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics" - cos they let us do this for free. C'mon, like we were gonna pay for anything. We also love all the other Keenspace sites, because they like drawing shite and passing it off as entertainment like us. See them here: