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Yess EggEgg has grown, well i say grown more like...just sat around...and aged. Never the less, i feel it's high time we closed MSPaint, threw away the SPchars and picked up the pencil. Now there are problems with that, in that neither of us can draw, but thats never stopped eggegg before! So here i go, hand drawn..then PC'ed into an almost suitable state..but keep in mind me picking up a pencil and just drawing eggegg is like going from 0 to 60mph in a wheely bin.
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Ben, dude... it's been a year since we wrote anything here. We should do some more of this sometime o.O;;
Posted by MattPosted by Matt on Sat 22 Nov 2003 3:38

Well hey, wudja look at that...

Yeah, I know... the site's not really been here recently... and guess why? 'Cos Matt was a naughty boy and played around with things he shouldn't have played around with... so anyway, site's back up, might even update again soon, you never know your luck. and y'know, if anyone wants to punish me for my misbehaviour, just e-mail, we can work out details of where/when... =p
Posted by MattPosted by Matt on Fri 19 Sep 2003 14:38

Have you ever read... your fingernails?

Well of recent times, we have been Lazy. Ben hasn't been arsed to do plot, I haven't been arsed to do fillers (I had started doing another Flash, but meh... can't be arsed) and I'm now going to uuuuuuniiiiiiveeeeersiiiiiityyyyyyy so won't be updating for, like... a bit. However, you can now get both the Attack of the Mountains wallpaper and t-shirt, so just look at them for a long time and pretend they're a new strip or something. I dunno.
Posted by MattPosted by Matt on Sat 16 Aug 2003 19:13

dulu dulu dulu duluduh, duh duh du dulu du dulu duh

nice mr sisco, who every now and then saves me having to do a strip, and is ben's boyf, coincedentally, now has his own comic, that also rips it out of george bush (hurrah!), so go and make him feel better by giving him hits on his comic (or hitting on him, maybe).
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EggEgg in the Isle Of Mann....with beef and cheese......

As many of you may have noticed, EggEgg takes a short trip to the beautiful....well, the isle of mann, after all that say beauty is in the eye of the beholder and i'm sure theres more than a few blind people been to the isle of mann. anyway back to the point...erm...i cant remember it, screw it, eggegg is in the isle of mann deal with it.
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you may have noticed that it all looks slightly different, and if you didn't, you'd have to be blind, and then you couldn't read the comic, so there'd be no point in you coming here... not really... but anyway, the shop is finally open (well... not being kept a secret anyway), there's new stuff on the stuff page and all the links are easier to see. aren't i wonderful? say yes.
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So far this month...

Every 15 minutes, someone dies in a drunk-driving related accident. Every 12 minutes, someone in the USA dies of breast cancer. Every 10 minutes, someone reads an EggEgg comic. EggEgg, more popular than crashing and cancer!